Artistic Masterpieces in Various Styles

an art sculpture of the bearded man with a beard sitting in a colorful body of water, in the style of craig mullins, close - up, hercules seghers, vibrant impasto brushstrokes, kieron gillen, neo - geo, heistcore - western ivan fedorovich choultse, yoann lossel, rtx on, close - up intensity, light violet and red, ue5 ::5.2 d& d, slovenian paintings, marvel comics, epic portraiture, 8k ::6 a man, in robes, is waiting for someone from a large building, in the style of marc silvestri, otherworldly illustrations, dark and intricate, glassy translucence, daniel f. gerhartz, brothers hildebrandt, red and blue in the style of aestheticized violence vandalizing publicity iridescent: two pictures of people playing gaming on computers vhs in the style of gothic references, somber religious works in the style of todd schorr - vibrant realism, inventive character designs, queencore, thechamba, rtx on, epic portraiture, highly realistic ::5 cinematic ::1 an catholic sculpture of queer trans jesus in the style of colorful fantasy realism ::1 queer academia, heavy inking, richly colored skies, retrowave - dramatic a somber religious works - i can't believe how beautiful this is - staining - germanic art ::1 elegant - golden ratio - elite - highly detailed - color triad, dynamic composition, ultra resolution, extra wide shot, digital art, world made of light, soft lighting, Unreal Engine, depth of field, full hd photo, HDR, high resolution photography, macro photography, beautiful highlights, art, photoshop, studio setting, simple, neutral, grainy, matte, vogue style ::4 Canon EOS 5D Mar DSLR k IV, f/ 2. 8, ISO 100, 1/ 100 sec, RAW ::1 --ar 2:3 --c 100 --s 1000 --style raw --q 0.5 --iw 0.75  --v 5.1

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