Butler Unchains Computer Screen

a hyper - realistic image of a butler with white gloves removing chains from a computer screen, camera setup: medium format camera with a prime lens, lighting: soft, directional lighting to highlight the details and textures of the butler and the computer screen, background: elegant, luxurious setting such as a mansion or a grand hall, composition: close - up shot focusing on the butler's hands delicately unlocking and removing the chains from the computer screen, style: realistic representation of the butler and the computer screen, capturing the fine details and materials, mood: intriguing and sophisticated, conveying a sense of liberation and anticipation, details: pay attention to the intricate design and craftsmanship of the chains and the computer screen, showcasing their textures and reflections, color: a color scheme that complements the elegance and sophistication of the scene, quality: high - definition image to capture the smallest details, ensuring sharpness and clarity, extras: experiment with depth of field to create a shallow focus effect, drawing attention to the hands and the computer screen, 4k --ar 16:9

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