Paris Political Handshake Walk

Two men facing each other, shaking hands and walking through Paris. both in a political suit and both are 50 years old. One of them is taller than the other, with short graying white hair. The other one is shorter and has little hair. , taken using a canon EOS R camera with a 50mm f/ 1. 8 lens, f/ 2. 2 aperture, shutter speed 1/ 200s, ISO 100 and natural light, Full Body, Hyper Realistic photography, Cinematic, Cinema, Hyperdetail, UHD, Color Correction, hdr, color grading, hyperrealistic CG animation –ar 4: 5 –upbeta –q 2 –v5 Shot on Afga Vista 400, Natural Lighting, 4k --ar 16:9 --style raw --s 50

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