Yogas Eight Limbs Collage

Imagine and create a collage image, minimal art, graphic design, that encapsulates the concept of yoga as a discipline structured around its eight traditional limbs. Let the imagery evoke the spiritual and physical essence of each limb. Yama: Depict it as the foundation, the base of the structure, representing ethical standards and integrity. Niyama: Illustrate this as the second layer of the structure, symbolizing self - discipline and spiritual observances. Asana: Show this as the central part of the structure, embodying the physical postures of yoga. Pranayama: Let this element radiate as the flow or energy within the structure, manifesting breath control and life force. Pratyahara: Illustrate this limb as a shield enveloping the structure, signifying withdrawal or sensory transcendence. Dharana: Represent it as a beacon at the core of the structure, highlighting the concept of concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness. Dhyana: Visualize this as a harmonic vibration throughout the structure, representing meditation or contemplation. Samadhi: Depict it as the crown or the pinnacle of the structure, symbolizing the ultimate goal of yoga: a state of ecstasy and realization of the interconnectedness of all life. Use rich symbolism, warm colors, and ethereal textures to bring out the depth and beauty of yoga in this artwork. Please ensure the harmony and interconnectedness of all eight limbs in the structure, embodying the balance that yoga brings to mind, body, and spirit. --s 1000 --ar 16:9 --v 5

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