Futuristic Chinatown Bazaar

futuristic orientalist sci - fi chinatown. Nighttime, dense, crowded, shoulder - to - shoulder, bustling streetscape. People are wearing futuristic oriental clothing. Several food vendors are operating from unregulated architecture and improvised structures built upon the remnants of a late 20th - century modernist urbanism. Piping and wiring supply the stalls with gas and electricity and extends from the buildings, criss - crossing above the street and snaking along on the ground. An overabundance of large neon commercial signange in Asian script covers the building facades and hangs over the pedestrians. Vehicles and pedestrians compete for space on the road. A once orderly Western city devolved into the chaotic atmosphere of a bazaar. Photo realism, cinematic, dark and dramatic lighting. Strong depth of field with person eating noodles at one of the stalls in the foreground, and the aformentioned scene in the background. The East has taken over the West. 

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