NYC Street Style Beauty

close - up shot of a pretty girl sitting in a cabriolet, pink sunglasses, view through the side window, street style on the streets of new york city, long hair, white low cut low v lace dress, slender body, in the style of Claus Rose, skin of legs visible, wavy lavender hair and a tattoo of an intricate mandala design on their left arm. smiling, flirty. Big sized chest. Dressed in a deep v - neck crop top, creating a light and airy atmosphere, in the style of celebrity image mashups, daylight, in the style of i can't believe how beautiful this is, fair and translucent skin, in the style of street style realism, candid celebrity shots, pretty young girl, 20 years old, Vogue - style professional photography, real human, hyper quality, ultra - realistic, high on details, 4K --ar 1:2 --v 5.1

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