Symphony of Lights Hong Kong

Tomorrow I sign paperwork with the Hong Kong government for A Symphony of Lights, finally. Love lights up the world, I light up the skyline in Hong Kong, gold lady dancing on the buildings, Ballpoint Pen, Chalkboard, Kirigami, Light Painting, Lightpainting, Smoke Art, Sticker Bomb, Maze, Sparkly, Underdimensional, Hyperdimensional, Translucent, Glossy, Shiny, Reflective, Pebbles, Liquid Metal, Damascus Steel, Gold, Chicken Wire, Herkimer Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Obsidian, Borax Crystals, Lipstick, Plasma, Lightning, Inferno, Lactarius - Indigo, Latticed - Stinkhorn, Laccaria - Amethystina, Chlorociboria, Lumen Reflections, Twisted Rays, OpenGL - Shaders 

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