Wall Lamp Styles

1️⃣ a wall lamp with white and brass accents, in the style of white background, light brown, realistic portrayal of light and shadow, high contrast lighting, wood, daniel garber, light use of color 2️⃣ the white light has a gold finish and white shade, in the style of light brown, conceptual simplicity, realistic, detailed rendering, rusticcore, bold color contrast, wood, rim light 3️⃣ a gold wall lamp with a white light shade, in the style of craftcore, white and brown, white background, realistic usage of light and color, wood, high contrast lighting 4️⃣ a light fixture with a white glass and a brass wall art, in the style of realistic, detailed rendering, bold outlines, flat colors, light white and light brown, wood, topcor 58mm f/ 1. 4, white background, havencore --s 750

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