Night Sky Supplement Bottle

The bottle is sleek, made of black, opaque glass with a smooth, black lid. It's a 175 cc bottle, compact and perfect for a bedside table. The design of the label on the bottle takes its inspiration from the night sky. The background is a beautiful, dreamy purple that transitions into a deeper, midnight blue at the edges, akin to the sky at dusk. Tiny, white stars dot the label, just as they would dot the night sky, adding a touch of magical realism to the design. The brand name, "Rabbit's Naturals", is printed in bright, bold, white letters at the center of the label. The typeface is modern and clean, standing out against the dreamy backdrop. Below it, in slightly smaller letters, is the name of the supplement, perhaps something like "Dream& Sleep Support". This text is also in white, ensuring consistency and readability. The overall design feels peaceful and calming, evoking feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. It's sophisticated and modern, appealing to customers who value both aesthetics and effectiveness in their supplements. --s 250 --v 5 --q 2

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